Ye Olde Workshoppe

is a community initiative about creating medieval themed content for a Team Fortress 2 community update.

Art thou a craftsman of headgear or maps, a master armorer and ironsmith perchance? Submit your work to the Steam workshop.

All medieval themed submissions will be added to the workshop collection for the TF2 team to pick content for an update. There is no contest involved, no deadline and no restrictions other than your work being medieval themed.
What would YOU like to see in a medieval themed update? Gather at the Round Table to share ideas and to discuss any content related topics. Join the Steam group and become a member to support this community project.

For discussions about items you can also have a look on Facepunch and for maps go to the TF2Maps thread.
Hear Hear! Submit your cosmetics, weapons, maps, taunts and unusual effects to the Steam TF2 workshop. Submissions should be medieval themed and must be uploaded using the ingame importer. Listed below are a few additional resources to help creating medieval themed content.
We don’t want to give you too many restrictions on what you’re allowed to make but it should be something that could have existed between the 5th and the 15th century around Europe. This includes vikings, knights, peasants, kings and landlords, monks, pitch forks, torches, swords, axes, armor, shields, bows and arrows, wizards and witches, dragons, dungeons and castles. Need more inspiration? Go watch those coconut riding knights or that popular show about big iron chairs again.
Using the templates is not a requirement but we would like you to use them to have a consistent look across all submissions. The package contains PSD and PNG files for screenshots and for workshop thumbnails as well as a Source Filmmaker thumbnail render scene. Download on
The prefab package contains some medieval props and brushwork prefabs. Please note that you are not restricted to use only the medieval game mode. We highly encourage you to use any game mode, just give your map a medieval theme. Download on
All fonts on this site are free to use. Click on a font name below to download it on